Darkish Green

Software consulting


I'm Jeff Hodges.

I do software consulting under the Darkish Green name.

I know distributed systems and have been a decent plumber of cryptographic ones. I can help you build, design, or learn about them.

If you want any of those kinds of help, email me at jeff@darkishgreen.com.

How you may have found me

If you know someone who knows me, it might be because I:

What I have done

I have broken, fixed, and created many kinds of software systems. Descriptors of those systems include:

Details gladly given privately. Some can be found on LinkedIn. (I love trading war stories.)

And also

I'm an engineer who believes that collaboration is most of the job.

I've participated in and seen more design reviews, code reviews, launches, crashes, and re-organizations than is typical.

I can help your organization handle those things better.

Contacting me

If you have problems in these or related areas, email me at jeff@darkishgreen.com.

I'm San Francisco-based, but we can talk about traveling if need be.

Darkish Green, LLC can be sent mail at 2370 Market St Suite 421, San Francisco, CA 94114.